Human Body Parts Name With Pictures | Name of body organs

Do you know all body parts name in English? The human body is made up of different parts. And all these parts have different functions and different names. But the biggest problem is that most of us do not know the name of all these parts.

Human body parts Name

If you want to learn the English language then it is very important to have knowledge of Vocabulary. Because it is not possible to learn any language without knowledge of words, that’s why we are trying to make your vocabulary strong through different articles.

As kids get older, they become more interested in their bodies and the world around them. Kids usually know what are the parts of their bodies that they can see and to some extent how they work. Kids usually know the names of body parts like the head, shoulders, knees, toes, etc. What are the other important parts of the body? Each major part of the body is made up of smaller parts that have different jobs. Just loot at below give body parts diagram

Human Body Parts diagram

Sometimes children are given the task of writing 10 body parts name, all body parts name, human body parts name in school. But in such a situation, they are not able to complete their task. I have written this article to solve this problem. So let’s learn 10 body parts name, 20 body parts name, 25, 30, 50, 100 or all body parts name with their pictures.

Body Parts Name In English With Their Pictures | Body organs name

SL. No.Body Parts NamePicture
1Faceface of human body
2Eyeshuman eyes
3EyeHuman single eye
4Eyebrowhuman eyebro
5Tonguetongue a human body part
6Mouthhuman mouth
7Teeth or Toothteeth or tooth of human body
8Lipshuman lips
9CheekHuman body part cheek
10Chesthuman chest
11NoseHuman body part nose
12Foreheadforehead human body
13Bodyhuman body
14Hairhair a part of human body
15Shoulderbody part shoulder
16Backback of a human body
17Stomachhuman body part name stomach
18Throatthroat of human body
19Leghuman body part leg
20Kneehuman knee
21Foothuman body part foot
22Handhand of human body
23Earear a human body part
24Beardbeard in human body
25Neckhuman neck
26MoustacheMoustache in human body
27Wristwrist of human body
28Smiley facesmiley face
29Larynxlarynx in human body
30ThumbHuman thumb
31Fingersfingers of human body
32Little fingerlittle finger in human hand
33Ring fingerring finger in human hand
34Index fingerindex finger in human hand
35Bellyhuman body part belly
36Bonehuman bone
37Palmhuman palm
38Calfhuman body part calf
39Headhead of human body
40Hiphuman hip
41Skinskin of human body
42Nailhuman body nail
43Bloodblood in human body
44Fistfist of human body
45Browhuman body part brow
46Navelnavel in human body
47Elbowhuman body part elbow
48Breasthuman breast
49Nipplehuman nipple
50Brainhuman body part brain
51Eyelidhuman eyelid
52Heartheart of human body
53Uterusuterus human body part
54Toetoe of human foot
55Thighthigh of human body
56Templehuman temple
57Spinehuman spine
58Spleenspleen in human body
59Skullhuman body skull
60Salivahuman saliva
61Rumphuman rump
62Ribhuman rib
63Pulsepulse in human body
64Pawhuman body paw
65Palatehuman palate
66Nostrilhuman nostrils
67Nervenerve in human body
68Muscleshuman muscles
69Molar teethmolar teeth
70Middle fingermiddle finger
71Lunglungs in human body
72Liverhuman liver
73Kindeyhuman kidney
74Jointhuman body joint
75Jawjaw in human
76Intestineintestine in human body
77Heelheel of human leg
78Eyelashhuman body eyelash
79Eyeballhuman eyeball
80Embryoembryo of human
81Eardrumeardrum of human ear
82Chinchin of human body
83Bunbun of human body
84Arteryhuman artery
85Womb, Armpitarmpit a human body part
86Armhuman arm
87Anklehuman ankle

So guys this was the complete list of human body parts name with their images. In this list I have written more than 80 human organs name and also shared the picture so that you can easily recognize it.

As we all know that there are many parts in our body. Some of these organs are on the outer side of our body. We can see them with our eyes, touch them with our hands. Many people know the name of these organs or it also happens that children know the name of these organs in their local language, but they do not know the name of all these organs in English.

Just see below diagram of human body organs:

Human Body Parts

But there are many organs inside our body which we cannot see or touch, but all these organs are useful for survival. In this article, I have told you the name of all those body parts which are present inside our body. Se below diagram to know the name of all internal body parts name:

human internal body parts name diagram

Name Of Human Body Parts: Video Lesson

If you want to know the name of all body organs, body parts name with picture by watching a video then you can watch below video:


I hope you enjoyed reading this post about body part’s names (organs name). In this article, I have listed all of the body parts’ names in English, along with pictures of each organ. Since we are all aware that we have different bodies, we must be familiar with their names.

I hope you liked this article about human body parts name | human body organs name with picture. In clusion I would liked to tell you that if you really found this article very helping which is about 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 100 body parts name | human organs name in English with their picture then please share it on social media.

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