Fruits Name In English | Name Of Fruits With Pictures

Fruits Name: We all know that how important are fruits to our health. To get nutrients, fruits should be consumed daily, know what are the name of fruits in English with pictures.

Fruits Name

Fruits are very important for our physical health. From fruits, we get all the essential nutrients that the body needs. It is associated with many benefits and is helpful in curing many diseases. Consume fruits only after knowing the right time and disadvantages of eating them.

But many types of fruits are found in the world and we know the names of some of them but there are many fruits whose names we do not know. If you want to increase your word power or vocabulary then this article is very important for you because in this article I am going to tell you the names of all the fruits in English.

Often small children are given a task in school: Write the names of 10 fruits in English, 10 fruits name in English, 20 fruits name, or 30, 40, 50, 100 fruits name with pictures. So let’s get started.

Before we jumb to our main list of fruits name, just see the below fruits name chart. In this chart, we have listed some common fruits with their picture-

fruits name chart

Fruits Name With Pictures List: 100+ Names of fruits

SL. No.Fruits Name In EnglishFruits Picture
1Bananabanana fruits
2Appleapple: benefial fruit for health
3Orangeorange looking in yellow color
4Coconutcoconut fruts
5Mangomango fruit picture
6Papayapapaya fruit
8Grapesgrapes fruits
10Guavaguava fruit
11Wood applewood apple
12Watermelonwatermelon fruits
13Apricotsapricots fruit
14Avocadoavocado fruit
15Almondalmond fruit
16Barberrybarberry fruits in tree
17Blackberryblackberry fruits
18Blackcurrantblack currant fruits
19Cashewcashew fruits
20Breadfruitbread fruit
21Blueberryblueberry fruits
24Custard applecustard apple
25Dragon fruitdragon fruit
26Fig fruitfig fruit
30Lycheelychee fruits
31Kumquatkumquat fruits
33Macadamia nutmacadamia nut
34Nutnut fruits
35Peachpeach friuts
36Olive fruitolive fruit
37Plumplum friut
38Pearpear fruits
40Pomelopomelo fruit
41Pomegranatepomegranate fruit
42Raisinsraisins fruit
44Sapotasapota fruit
45Sweet Limesweet lime
46Water Caltropwater caltrop
48Acai BerryAcai Berry
50prickly pearprickly pear
53cashew applecashew apple
55passion fruitpassion-fruit
56palm fruitpalm fruit
57persimmonpersimmon fruits
58Malay applemalay apple
59raspberryraspberry fruit
60red bananared banana
61soursop fruitsoursop fruit
62sugar canesugar-cane
63kiwikiwi fruit
64loquatloquat fruit
65malta fruitmalta-fruit
68monk fruitmonk fruit
69makoy fruitmakoy fruit
71cranberrycranberry fruit
72damsondamson fruit
73feijoafeijoa fruit
74goji berrygoji berry
78kiwanokiwano fruit
79mangosteenmangosteen fruit
80miracle fruitmiracle fruit
81nancenance fruit
82pineberryPineberry fruit
83salaksalak fruit
84satsumasatsuma fruit
85star applestar apple
86tamarillotamarillo fruit
87surinam cherrysurinam cherry
88ugli fruitugli fruit
89palmyra fruitpalmyra fruit
90sweet potatosweet potato
91kadamba fruitkadamba fruit
98jicama fruitjicama fruit
93Grewia Asiaticagrewia asiatica fruit
94Pithecellobium dulcepithecellobium dulce
95monkey fruitmonkey fruit
96mandarinmandarin fruit
97limonia acidissimalimonia acidissima fruit
98black nightshadeblack nightshade fruit

So, friends, this was a list of more than 100 fruit’s names. In the above table, we have written the names of all the fruits in English and their pictures have also been given.

Now we will learn the names of 10 fruits name so that it becomes easy for all of you to write and remember them. This is especially important for kids.

If any child is given the task of writing the names of ten fruits in English, then he can write the names of these ten fruits.

10 Fruits Name

  1. Apple
  2. Banana
  3. Mango
  4. Guava
  5. Orange
  6. Coconut
  7. Papaya
  8. Grapes
  9. Pineapple
  10. Watermelon

More Information About 10 Common Fruits In English


banana fruits

The fruit banana is in the list of healthful fruits. Eating bananas can be quite beneficial. The flavour is sweet. Due to its ability to raise net fat, it is used mostly by people to gain weight. Many peoples in the world do banana cultivation.


apple: benefial fruit for health

Apple is a fruit which is found in red or green color. Antioxidants are abundant in this fruit, which can save you from many diseases. Apples are found in more than 7000 varieties in the world. The scientific name of the apple is Malus Pumila.

Apple is one of the fruits made by humans. The largest apple production in the world is in China. After this comes America and Turkey. Apple fruit is considered a very tasty and popular fruit around the world.


mango fruit picture

Mango is called the king of fruits. This fruit is famous all over the world. Mangoes were first found in the subcontinents of India. Later gradually this fruit spread all over the world and now it is found all over the world. Mango is the national fruit of India. The scientific name of mango is Mangifera indica. More than 1500 species of mango are found all over the world. Mango fruit has a seed inside.


guava fruit

Many medicinal properties are found in guava. Guava and other parts of this tree have antimicrobial, antifungal, antidiabetic, and anti-diarrheal properties. The use of guava can prove beneficial in gastrointestinal infections, malaria, respiratory infections, oral/dental infections, skin infections, diabetes, heart and malnutrition related problems. Not only this, but many scientific studies have also proved it useful for women’s health problems, kidney, and cancer.


orange looking in yellow color

Orange is such a seasonal fruit which may be small in appearance but it has many benefits. By eating oranges daily, we can get rid of many diseases. The sweet and sour taste of orange sets it apart from other fruits. That’s why people like to eat it because of its different taste.

Orange fruit is small in appearance. But many medicinal properties are found in any fruit which can protect our body from many types of diseases. Apart from this, many nutrients are also found in oranges which give us energy. Many types of nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and Vitamin C are found in plenty in Oranges.


coconut fruts

Coconut is a hard and tough species of fruit. Which can be seen in green color. It belongs to the family of palm, date palm, and betel nut. This fruit is consumed in raw green pulp only for water or ripe fruit is used for water and cream in the form of coconut. Coconut fruit is liked by all people all over the world.


papaya fruit

Papaya is considered a treasure of Vitamin A. Papaya contains Vitamin A in abundance, apart from this Vitamin C is also found. On the other hand, most of the water, protein, carbohydrate substances, alkaline elements, calcium, phosphorus, iron, sugar, etc. are found in papaya. Naturally, fiber, carotene, and minerals are found in plenty in it.

Consumption of papaya prevents heart disease. Using papaya seeds can improve the digestion process. The medicinal properties found in papaya are beneficial for the protection of the eyes. Arthritis patients should consume papaya, and for that papaya is useful. Papaya is beneficial for improving skin tone.


grapes fruits

Many types of diseases can be avoided by consuming grapes in the summer. Grapes are a storehouse of nutrients. Consuming this works to strengthen the immunity ie the immune system. Vitamin C is found in good quantity in grapes, which has been said to be beneficial for the body.

Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B as well as potassium and calcium are present in abundance in grapes. Flavonoids are the most powerful antioxidant element found in grapes, which are considered extremely beneficial for the body. Not only this, many nutrients like calories, fiber, glucose, magnesium, and citric acid are found in sufficient quantity in grapes, which are very beneficial for the body.



Pineapple is a sour-sweet and juicy fruit. It is generally green colored thorny from the outside and slightly hard yellow from the inside. Pineapple is considered very beneficial for health. Anti-oxidants, calcium, fiber, vitamin C and many other essential elements are found in it, which are considered very good for health.

Pineapple is called the mine of medicinal properties. Pineapple’s nutrients can help keep the body away from many problems. But there are many disadvantages of eating this fruit. That’s why do not consume it in excess.


watermelon fruits

Watermelon fruit is one of the popular fruits. People often like to eat watermelon in summer. Earlier watermelon farming was started only by countries like Egypt and China. After that, now large farms of watermelons are found all over the world. Watermelon is generally a very large fruit. It can be cut and eaten.

People cut this fruit and make its juice. Add some ice to the juice and drink it. It gives coolness in summer. Watermelon requires warm weather to grow. It requires sandy soil to grow.

Watermelon is huge compared to the size of other fruits. It contains essential minerals like potassium, magnesium, and iron. Iron increases the amount of hemoglobin in the body. Watermelon is very sweet to eat. Everyone from kids to elders eats it with gusto and joy.

Watermelon is very hard. The red part of it is eaten. It contains black-colored seeds. Watermelon contains a lot of water and contains eight percent sugar. This fruit reduces the lack of water in the body during summer. People get refreshed by drinking its juice.

Many types of nutrients are found in watermelon, which is beneficial for health. It contains Vitamin A and Vitamin C properties. This fruit contains a lot of carbohydrates, protein, and one and a half of fiber. This fruit contains antioxidants, which give a lot of energy to the body. People can remain active throughout the day by drinking watermelon juice.

Fruits Name: Video Lesson

Do you want to learn fruits name by watching video? You can watch the below video in which all fruits name are listed with picture:

Fruits Name: Conclusion

I hope you liked this article about the name of the fruits (fruits name) |. In this article, I have shared with you the names of all the fruits in English languages ​​as well as I have given a picture of that fruit. We all know that fruits are very important for our health, so we should know about the names of fruits.

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