Birds Name In English | Name of birds with pictures

Birds name: Birds are considered very important for our environment. Let us tell you that about 10000 species of birds are found on this earth. But only a few of these birds are common which are found everywhere and their number is also more.

Birds name

Most birds fly in the air but some birds cannot fly in the air despite having wings. Birds make our world beautiful. Also, they are very important for the ecosystem. Seeing birds and listening to their voices is a sweet feeling for all of us.

But do you know the name of all the birds in English? Even today most of us do not know the name of the birds and if you are also one of them then do not worry because in this post I am going to tell you the name of the birds.

Children are often given a task in school to write the names of 5, 10, 20, 30 or 50 birds. But due to lack of knowledge, they are not able to write. So let us now know the name of all the birds, Birds name in English.

Birds Name In English With Picture | Name of birds

SL.No.Birds NameBirds Picture
1Parrotparrot a beautiful bird
2Cockcock bird
3Peacockpeacock _ birds name
4Owlowl bird
5Pigeonpigeon bird
6HenA beautiful looking hen
7Crowcrow bird
8Swanswan bird
9Ducka beautiful duck bird swiming in water
10Dovedove bird
11Cranecrane bird
12Cuckoocuckoo bird on tree
13Eagleeagle bird flying in the sky
14NightingaleNightingale bird
15Flamingoa beautiful flamingo bird
16PartridgePartridge bird
17QuailQuail bird name
18OstrichOstrich bird
19Mynahmynah _ name of bird
20Kitea kite bird flying in the sky
21KingfisherKingfisher _ bird
22HoopoeHoopoe bird
23Hawkhawk _ bird
24Hawk-CuckooHawk Cuckoo bird
25WoodpeckerWoodpecker bird
26Wagtailwagtail bird
27Vulturevulture bird
28SparrowSparrow bird
29SkylarkSkylark bird
30Bluebirdbluebird a beautiful blue color bird
31ChickChick bird
32DrakeDrake bird
33Ducklingyellow duckling bird
34Falconfalcon bird
35Gandergander bird
36GooseGoose bird
37GullGull bird
38HeronHeron bird
39HornbillHornbill bird
41KiwiKiwi bird image
42LarkLark bird
43Magpiemagpie bird
44PelicanPelican bird
45Pinguinpenguin bird
46PewitPewit bird
47RavenRaven bird
48RoosterRooster bird
49Sandpipersandpiper bird
50SeagullSeagull bird
51Storkstork bird
52SwallowSwallow bird
53TurkeyTurkey bird
54WagtailWagtaill bird
55WeaverWeaver bird

So friends, this was a list of more than 50 birds names. In the above table, we have written the names of all the birds in English and their pictures have also been given.

Now we will learn the names of ten birds in Hindi so that it becomes easy for all of you to write and remember them. This is especially important for kids.

10 Birds Name in English

  1. Parrot
  2. Crow
  3. Pigeon
  4. Swan
  5. Cuckoo
  6. Duck
  7. Hen
  8. Eagle
  9. Owl
  10. Peacock

More Information About Common Birds In English


parrot a beautiful bird

The parrot is our favorite bird. The color of parrot is very beautiful. Let us tell you that many species of parrots are found in the world.

Parrots are found in many colors. Parrots can copy our words when taught. The scientific name of a breed of parrot found in India is Psittacula krameri. Parrots mostly like to live in herds. Their main food is fruits.

Parrots like to live in a natural environment only. Parrots look beautiful in their natural form. For this reason, we should not keep them locked in cages at home. This is my view. What are your thoughts in this regard, must write to us in the comments.


pigeon bird

Pigeon is also very attractive bird. It is found all over the world.

Many species of pigeons are found. Some of these are also reared by humans. A pigeon is a flying bird. The scientific name of pigeon found around us is Columba livia domestica.

Pigeons have had a relationship with humans since ancient times. In ancient times, pigeons were used to send letters and messages. Even today feeding a pigeon is considered very auspicious.


crow bird

Many species of crows are found in this world. This is easily visible around our homes.

The scientific name of the crow found around our homes in India is Corvus splendens. It is mainly of black colour.


swan bird

Swan is a very beautiful white and black colored bird, it often floats in the water. It usually eats fish. Its weight is up to 10 kg.


cuckoo bird on tree

Cuckoos are generally slender birds of medium size, which can weigh up to 110 grams. Its voice is very sweet.


a beautiful duck bird swiming in water

A duck is a water-swimming bird, its weight can be up to 1.6 kg. Its life span is 5 to 10 years. It is generally found in all countries.


A beautiful looking hen

Hen is just like Cock. It is one of the most common and widespread domestic animals with a total population of over 19 billion as of 2011.


eagle bird flying in the sky

The eagle is a very large bird with large wings. Most of the 60 species of eagle are from Eurasia and Africa. Their weight ranges from 3 to 7 kg. Their life span is about 20 years. Their flying speed is 120 – 160 km per hour.


owl bird

An owl is a bird that can see at night. and hunts only at night. More than 200 species o owl are found in the world. Its individual species can weigh up to 3 kg.


peacock _ birds name

Peacock is a very big and very beautiful bird. Its life span is 10 – 25 years. Its weight is up to 6 kg. It usually lives alone and its voice travels far and wide. It is a vegetarian bird.


mynah _ name of bird

It is a small bird, its weight ranges from 120 – 140 grams. It is native to southern Asia, especially India. It is white and brown in color.


Nightingale bird

Nightingale bird is small and found in many colors. It is known for its powerful and beautiful lyrics. Its weight is up to 20 grams.


crane bird

Commonly found in all countries except Antarctica and South America, the “Crane” stork builds nests in shallow water, and usually lays only two eggs at a time. This bird is one of the largest birds in the world and one of the highest-flying birds. The biggest stork is the one which has red hair on its head.


Partridge bird

Pheasant bird is found in almost all parts of the world. Its weight is up to 500 grams. It is of small and medium size. It eats kit kites.


vulture bird

Vulture bird is often seen in high and mountainous places. It is non-vegetarian. It is black, brown, and white in color. It is found all over the world.


Woodpecker bird

It is a medium sized bird. It always gnaws at the wood. It is found in many colors. It is found in all parts of the world.

Birds Name: Video Lesson

Do you want to know all birds name in English by watching a video? You can watch below video to know that names of all birds.


I hope you liked this article about the name of the birds (birds name) |. In this article, I have shared with you the names of all the birds in English languages ​​as well as I have given a picture of that bird. We all know that bird is very useful for us and our environment, so we should know about the names of birds.

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