Among vs Amongst: Which is correct? -Different between among and amongst

Are you confused about whether to use “among” or “amongst” in your writing or speaking? These two words are often used interchangeably, but is there really a difference between them?

In this article, we’ll explore the differences between “among” and “amongst” and help you determine which one is correct to use in different contexts. Whether you’re a writer or speaker, understanding when to use these two words will help you communicate more effectively and make your writing more polished and professional.

Among vs Amongst: English grammar rules

Among and Amongst are both forms of the same word. Between among and amongst, the main difference is that among comes from Old English, and amongst comes from Middle English.

Even though the words mean the same thing, among is used more often than amongst. Also, there are several major differences between the two.

Reason of confusion

  • Looks almost same
  • If they’re different When they’re put to use.
  • How to use them.
  • How they do and what they do.
  • If they mean the same thing, Which is the better word to use?


  • Both of them end with a preposition.
  • Used to always mean more than two.
  • They both mean you are in the middle of something, with someone, etc.
  • They can both be used for the same thing. So, depending on you or the writer, you can use either among or amongst.

When do you use among or amongst?

When to use among or amongst, there are no hard-and-fast rules. Since both of these prepositions mean the same thing, it comes down to personal taste and where you live. Think about the kind of writing you’re doing as an example.

If you want to write in a more formal or sophisticated way, or if you want to be more poetic or dramatic, amongst may work better. On the other hand, among work well in informal writing like letters, modern fiction, and memos. Some grammar books say to use amongst after a preposition that comes after a word that starts with a vowel. Some people think that amongst is the better way to start a sentence.

Also, “among” is more commonly used in American English, while “amongst” is more frequently used in British English. The choice between the two largely depends on personal preference or regional dialect.

Among Vs Amongst: Key Differences between Among and Amongst

Let’s Discuss these two words one by one.

Where should we use “among”?

A preposition is something like the word among or its form amongst. This means that it shows how the parts of a clause relate to each other. In other words, prepositions link parts of a sentence together. Also, a preposition always comes right before the thing it modifies.

Here are a few ways to use the word among;

Close to or in the middle of a somewhat different situation: For Example,

  1. I saw a few different people among the hotel crowd.
  2. The team that came to free the people looked for the body among the dead soldiers.

Making a part of the whole look better. For example,

  • Don’t worry; you’re among the people you know.
  • It was a popular practice among the soldiers.
  • India has a lot of rivers among which the Ganga longest.

Too many different people who follow a group with many things in place.

  • Among us who went to the party must pay the same amount for the costs.
  • Dr. Fame was sitting among a group of kids while he taught them English.


  • He found himself among lions.
  • She was among her group of friends.
  • Toby was among the people who could have done it.
  • You will have to decide among yourselves who gets what.
  • They had to divide the cake among themselves.
  • Distribute mangoes among the boys.
  • Among these boys, he is the most stupid one.
  • It’s bad to live among bad people.
  • The leader made a good name for himself among black people.
  • The kids fought among themselves.
  • Nelson is among the managers who can’t work for the company.
  • I’m not among the kids that family had.
  • I don’t want to be among them, even though I was born with a silver spoon and was useless.
  • Among all the animals in the zoo, the Bengal tiger is an endangered species.
  • She was the only Indian among all her American classmates.
  • I asked around among my friends, and none of them was trustworthy

Where should we use “amongst”?

In American English, the word among is used more often than the word amongst. So, amongst is used in places where British English is more common. These include Commonwealth countries like the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as any place where British English is taught.

Here are a few ways to use the word amongst;

In the middle of or surrounded by something.

  1. I saw a few people I knew amongst the crowd at the grocery store.
  2. The rescue team looked for the body amongst the fighters’ bodies that were lying around.

Becoming a part of a group or surrounding it on every side.

  • Relax, you’re amongst some of your best friends.
  • A bad decision that has made the women of India very angry.

When different people in a group have different things going on.

  • Raj distributed his money amongst his three sons, who were not very good.
  • Ibrahim, amongst his football team, is the tallest player.
  • My uncle told a story to a group of native children while he sat amongst them.


  • My uncle lives amongst the Cherokee tribe’s people.
  • She found an old letter among a stack of old books.
  • This girl was just amongst many children who needed to feel better.
  • Please work out your differences among yourselves.
  • Amongst the several victims, one will surely rise against them for justice.
  • Our captain has the most strength among all of our teammates.
  • One smart child with the spirit of excellence stands out amongst the rest.
  • John was the most loved among all the people who followed Jesus.
  • I’ve asked around among my friends, and none deserve my trust.
  • There is always a Judas amongst a group of friends.
  • One child who is smart and has the spirit of excellence is one of them..
  • There’s always a Judas amongst a group of friends.
  • They decided that, amongst all the things they wanted to sell, this house won’t be one of them.

Some of the similarities

Some old English grammarians say the best way to use the word “amongst” is before a vowel. However, modern English grammarians disagree with this rule and say that “amongst” can be used as the word “among” without any restrictions. For instance:

What is the difference between among and amongst?

Between is a preposition, just like among and amongst. Because prepositions show connections, those connections show how these among and amongst are different.

For example, most people think that “between” is used to talk about the relationship between two things, and among is used for three or more things. This is a good rule, but it can sometimes be right. Instead, use “between” when the sentence names different and separate things (Choosing between cream puffs and ice cream was impossible).

On the other hand, use among or amongst when there are three or more things that are not separate or named separately (Choosing among the desserts was impossible.)

Among or amongst: conclusion

In conclusion, both “among” and “amongst” are correct and interchangeable in modern English. However, “among” is more commonly used in American English, while “amongst” is more frequently used in British English. The choice between the two largely depends on personal preference or regional dialect. Therefore, it is important to be familiar with both words and their proper usage in order to effectively communicate in English.

So friends, in this article, I have tried to remove the biggest confusion that comes during the use of two famous English words Among and Amongst (Among vs Amongst). Because these two words look similar but while writing we are not able to decide which word would be correct to use.

After reading this article carefully and completely, now you have understood, what is the main difference between among and amongst, When and where to use among, and When and where to use amongst. Also, you have understood what is the meaning of among and amongst (among vs amongst) with the correct usage.

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