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Welcome to easy grammar a dedicated grammar learning platform.

Today I am going to give you all the information about this blog. This blog shares various knowledge related to grammar for you.

As you know, how important is the role of grammar in learning any language? A common question comes to the mind of many people, is it necessary to have knowledge of grammar to learn any language?

So I would like to give a simple answer to this question.

Knowledge of grammar is not required to learn to speak any language. For example, when you were a child, did your parents teach you the grammar to learn to speak?

No. You learned this only after listening.

But there is also a truth that to speak any language correctly or to write well and correct, grammar is definitely needed.

And that is the reason why this blog is created for. Our main aim is to give 100% right knowledge of grammar. There are lots of languages in the world but the most common language is English.

English is the most spoken language in the world and this is because this is a common language that is spoken and understood in almost every country.

Maybe you’re from India, Pakistan, the USA, Africa, Brazil, or Canada, if you want to learn correct English speaking then this is the right place you have come on.

What Are Our Main Aim?

Basically, we are here to help you to learn a new language. In every country, there are lots of local languages but local languages are very limited to those small areas, and if you want to visit far from your location. Suppose you want to visit a foreign country then the main problem you will face is speaking.

In this situation, you must have knowledge of a language that can be understood by people in that country. English is that type of language.

Because English is understood in almost every country so if you have good knowledge of English speaking then you can go to every corner of the world. And our aim is to teach you English speaking, English grammar, translation, and Vocabulary.

  • You can learn English Grammar in an Easy way.
  • You can learn Translation from English to Other any language.
  • You can learn translation from other any language to English.
  • You can improve your word power by reading our vocabulary.
  • You can learn how to make sentences.
  • You can practice here also.

These are the main point on which this blog is focused. So guys if you are very excited to learn English, if you don’t want to face the problem of incorrect English grammar then we are here to help you.

On this blog, we have shared a list of the most common daily used words in Every language with their English meaning. Or we can say we have shared daily use of English words with almost every language meaning.

We also shared thousands of English sentences with translations into almost all other languages. These sentences list will help you to practice the language you want to learn.